Sewing courses for beginners Brno

  • Term of course: October 2020
  • 7 weeks / 2 hours per week
  • 14 hours in total
  • Experienced and trained lecturers
  • 5 participants max
  • You do not need any sewing machines or sewing accessories, only fabrics
  • Course is for beginners

You can find more informations about course below

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Sewing course for beginners, for 7 weeks, is separated in two hours per week. Whole course contains 14 hours with professional teacher. Each client can choose a day and hours, which is best for his or her schedule. The capacity of the course is 5 clients maximum. So do not worry, that teach do not have time for each client. Clients do not have to carry anything for the course with them. Only fabrics. It is not needed to bring own sewing machine, but if you want to learn on your sewing machine, do not hesitate to take with you. We work with sewing machines Janome Juno E 1015 and overlocks Janome 990D in the atelier.

All sewing supplies, like scissors, pincushion etc. are included in price of the course. Also sewing threads, needles, pins, tailors chalk, papers and fabric for a t-shirt.

Sewing course takes place on Masarykova 37, Brno 602 00.

Rebelion ateliér Brno is located in the 5th floor. Entrance is between Pharmacy and KFC.



1st lesson

The first lesson is largely theoretical, but do not worry, you will also get to the machine. Most importantly you well find very useful all the information you gain in the future! You will be explained what tools you need to sew, how the sewing machine works, why an iron is your best sewing friend while trying to stitch the fabric for the very first time.

2nd lesson

The basics are behind you and you can now get ready for the production of a practical bag or backpack. It is up to you which product type you will chose. When making the bag, you learn how to stitch up the straps and attach studs. Anyway, your level of sewing will be a little higher! And believe us, that such a bag or backpack of your own production will make you a lot of joy.


3rd lesson

At this moment we drop on a cosmetic bag (or any other purpose small practical bag). When sewing this product you will learn to prepare a more complex product design and, above all, the correct zip attachment. As soon as you learn sew the zipper, you are halfway through to the winning. Just try to realize how many things you have at home with a zip! So many new possibilities are open with this new possibility. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the bag every day, and it’ll be great for traveling.

4 – 5th lesson

Now is the time when we try sew something to wear. You will sew a skirt in which shape you want. You can sew round skirt or pencil skirt. It is up to you. When it is done, you need the upper part of course. So you are ready for sewing a t-shirt.

6 – 7th lesson

You already know working with the woven fabric. The machine is listening every word you say, so we can try out more complicated materials. Let’s replace the woven fabric with a knitted one and try to work a flexible and elastic material. Sewing a T-shirt will take us a little more time, so we divided this last project into 2 lessons. During finishing your T-shirt you will learn the basics of using overlock and also get a quick training on pattern editing.




19:00 – 21:00