Sewing course for beginners PRAGUE

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  • Term of course: 7. 9. – 23. 10. 2020
  • We guarantee 2 spare lessons during the summer term
  • 7 weeks / 2 hours per week
  • 14 hours in total
  • Experienced and trained lecturers
  • 5 participants max
  • You do not need any sewing machines or sewing accessories, only fabrics
  • Course is for beginners or intermediate

You can find more informations about course below.

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Sewing course for 7 weeks, is separated in two hours per week. Whole course contains 14 hours with professional teacher. Each client can choose a day and hours, which is best for his or her schedule. The capacity of the course is 5 clients maximum. So do not worry, that teach do not have time for each client. Clients do not have to carry anything for the course with them. Only fabrics. It is not needed to bring own sewing machine, but if you want to learn on your sewing machine, do not hesitate to take with you. We work with sewing machines Janome Juno E 1015 and overlocks Janome 990D in the atelier.

All sewing supplies, like scissors, pincushion etc. are included in price of the course. Also sewing threads, needles, pins, tailors chalk, papers and fabric for a t-shirt.

The course takes place in the beautiful environment of the Rebelion ateliér, in the center of Prague, on I. P. Pavlova Square
Rebelion ateliér Praha is located on the 2nd floor, with entrance to the building between the solarium and the bank..




1st lesson

The first lesson is more theoretical, but do not worry, you will get to the sewing machine. You will also get all the information which you will find useful in the future! We need to explain you, hot sewing aids are need, hot the sewing machine works, why you cannot live without an iron. You will also try how to sew the fabric.


2nd lesson

The first lesson is over. Now you can prepare yourself for making a practical canvas bag or backpack. Which product you choose, we leave it to you. If you choose bag, you can sew shoulder or crossbody ear. What you choose is up to you. Anyway, your sewing level will be a little higher! This will be your first own sewn product.



3 – 5th lessons

These two lessons are dedicated for sew something to wear on. You will start with a skirt. Do you want round skirt or case skirt? Again, it is up to you.


6 – 7th lessons

Of course, you need some top to wear to your skirt. You will learn, in these two lesson, how to sew a t-shirt. You have perfect outfit after all this!





1st lesson

The first lesson is more theoretical, but in this lesson we will show you how to take right your own measurements. We will teach you how to orient yourself in the purchased cut. You will choose which cut you like and it will then be adjusted according to your requirements and ideas. You can choose what product you want to sew. Dress, trousers or shirt.

2nd lesson

In the second lesson, we will remind you the correct placement of the cut on the material, discuss under what conditions and how to add large seam allowances, and go through the cutting itself.


3 – 7th lessons

During the 3rd to 7th lessons you will sew and finish the product you chose.


beginners, intermediate


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


10:00 – 12:00, 12:15 – 14:15, 14:30 – 16:30, 16:45 – 18:45, 19:00 – 21:00